3 Things to Do When Nobody in the World Believes in Your Dreams


Achieving your dreams is hard enough.


It’s harder to work on your dreams when even the people you love most don’t believe in you.


It’s harder to believe in your dreams when the people that you look up to, like your teachers, tell you that it is not realistic.


I’m here to tell you that it is alright because I started out having a dream despite having the whole entire world not believing in me.


All the successful people in the world started off with a vision that nobody understands until they managed to achieve it.


I want to share with you 3 tips that help me stay on my feet and get out of bed every morning to hustle for my dreams.



Tip #1: Understand that you can’t impress everybody you meet


No matter what you do in life, there are going to be people who won’t agree with you or like what you are doing.


Even if you decide to not have dreams one day, there are still bound to be people telling you that you are lazy.


So if you decide to have this big goal that you want to achieve this year, some people might tell you that you are not smart or talented enough to achieve it.


Either way, there are going to be people who just aren’t cool about it because their life sucks.


Then you might as well pursue your dreams with all that you have.



Tip #2: Be grateful that you are on to something big


If people are starting to doubt you and you start to accumulate more and more naysayers into your life, it shows that you are doing something right.


Let’s face it, if you set small goals, you probably wouldn’t get a lot of haters and doubters because it’s easy for people to support small and realistic goals.


In fact, if you do not have these naysayers in your life, you should take more caution because it might be a sign that you are dreaming too small.


Use your haters and doubters as fuel to push you towards working harder to achieve your dreams.



Tip #3: It’s part of the process of dreaming big


If you see having doubters as a mere part of the journey towards your dreams rather than obstacles to hold you back, it will be easier for you to push past the fact that nobody shares your vision.


It’s part of the process where you will fall flat on your face when you have done all the work you could to prepare yourself.


It’s part of the process where you put your 100% trust onto somebody only to find out that they were backstabbing you all along.


It’s also part of the process where your days and nights of hard work would go down the drain just because of one mistake that you make on that very crucial day.


But take heart that as long as you keep getting back up and learning from it, you will be way ahead of people who organize a pity party for themselves and do nothing to improve themselves.


And one more thing….


If nobody believes in your dreams, I believe in you. 🙂



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  1. Brad
    Brad says:

    Thanks for your motivation and for believing in me to achieve my mega dream..
    I. Most grateful for your YouTube trading videos. It has been inspiring and I’ll want to formally have you as my trading mentor if only you will accept.
    Thanks is once again.
    FX Trader..


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