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3 Things to Do When Nobody in the World Believes in Your Dreams

  Achieving your dreams is hard enough.   It’s harder to work on your dreams when even the people you love most don’t believe in you.   It’s harder to believe in your dreams when the people that you look up to, like your teachers, tell you that it is not realistic.   I’m here […]

Why You Should Stop Living Other People’s Lives

Take a moment and think about your friends, acquaintances, relatives or family members, are they world-class in what they do? Chances are most of them are at most good or great at what they do but not world-class or internationally recognized for their work. I’m not saying that there is something wrong with them. What […]

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Digital Senior: 1. 3 reasons why being an outcast in university is completely fine 2. 3 signs you are going to be extraordinarily successful after graduating 3. 3 types of friends to avoid in university if you want to become massively successful 4. How I went from “F” student and victim of bullying to scholar   Association […]