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Discover how a small group of YOUNG traders are consistently beating the market and securing profits by just following this little-known, powerful yet simple trading system.   

Beginners in forex trading are amazed to see how this unique system has started to build a consistent and performing portfolio by the time they turn 30.

Does this sound like you?

Hi there, my name is Karen Foo. 

Thank you for visiting my page. 

I believe you’re reading this right now because you’re looking for a reliable and effective Forex trading method that can help you grow your money and create a consistent income stream for yourself and your family. 

"I’ve reached a point in my life where I realised my savings and current stream of income are not sufficient to support the retirement lifestyle I desire. I want to take action now to change my future."

"I’ve read a number of Forex books, paper traded and even attended a trading course, but my progress is slow and results haven’t been satisfactory."

"I have burnt my fingers badly despite going for some courses and I see people making healthy profits in the Forex market and I keep thinking “How do they do it? I want to do this too."  

"I have been trading for a period of time but I find my current method is not generating me the profits I desire."

"I want to build a more stable stream of passive income to grow my money against inflations and possible job loss." 

"I’ve been relying on a financial planner or broker to manage my money but I have no clarity on how he is managing it and the results have been inconsistent."

If you’re nodding silently to any of these points… know that you’re not alone and there is help available. As you read on, I’m going to share with you my “secret trading strategy” from my trading journey, and how it can help you maximise your profits and attain the lifestyle you envision living.

“I’ve spent just 1 day to attend Karen’s coaching session and managed to achieve 15% ANNUAL ROI. I wish that I could have joined her program earlier ! “

- Gary, Civil Engineer

BUT.. before we begin, let’s get this straight. This is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme.

Anyone who guarantees you that trading can make you a millionaire quick and paints you a rosy image of trading is a scam. 

What trading can do though is to provide you with a consistent stream of income? 

This comes with loads of...

However, all I can say at this point of time is that this journey of trading has been enriching and definitely rewarding. Let me share with you, my journey and by the end of it, if you are still interested in trading, you are welcome to attend my 3-hour seminar where I will share my personal strategy that my group of students and I use to consistently beat the market and lock-in our profits.

Let’s get down to business.





How I got started in the craft of trading and became a profitable trader 

I started my trading journey during my polytechnic days when I was serving my internship at a government organization. 

I did not enjoy my internship and was often bored due to the nature of work and the layers of bureaucracy involved. 

It was then I knew I would not be happy being employed in a 9-5 job.

I could not see myself being stuck at a desk doing work I did not enjoy for the rest of my life.

I knew that if I wanted to be able to choose how I want to spend my days I needed to take active steps to attain financial freedom.

My schoolmate (whose dad is a trader) introduced trading to me. As she shared about what her dad does, I was excited by the potential of trading as I know this could possibly bring me financial freedom.

Fund Manager, Industry Expert in Futures & Hedge Funds and Author of Market Wizards: Interviews with Top Traders.

“I discovered that you can’t train people how to trade by just imparting knowledge. The key to trading success is emotional discipline. Making money has nothing to do with intelligence. Think of all the bright people that choose careers on Wall Street. If intelligence were the key, there would be a lot more people making money trading.” 

I was 21 then. 

To attain my goal of financial freedom through trading, I knew that I needed to not only be profitable but consistently profitable. 

I began to learn from the best. I learnt from mentors around me, from books and also from my experimentation of my trading strategy. 

From 21 to 22 years old, I was constantly refining my trading strategy. 

What this essentially meant was that I was not profitable. 

I was losing money.

In order to fix it, I kept changing my trading strategies and systems. 

I kept asking myself: "What am I doing wrong?" 

My moment of realisation came when I was reading Market Wizards by Jack D. Schwager. 

I realised I didn't have to be super smart or intelligent.

I just needed to have emotional discipline

The epiphany was that I just needed to find a system that works for me and have the psychology and discipline to stay true to it. 

From the moment on, I changed the way I trade. 

I sticked to a system that I have created and followed it religiously while maintaining emotional discipline. 

Within a year, I could see a huge leap of results.

In that year, I was featured on Channel News Asia along with other media coverage.

Jack D. Schwager

Featured on...

I have also won multiple local and regional trading competitions and even have 2 published books.

Publication 2: Co-author of “Turning Ideas into Profit” (Profitable Ideas from Asia’s Leading Experts)

Publication 1: Contributing Author of “Your Cash Moves”, Foreword by Adam Khoo

My Publications...

I have since graduated from NTU with a Degree in Finance and am still actively trading.

After 8 years of trading, today I am happy to report that I am financially free and living my dreams - being a Forex coach and motivational speaker that help others to achieve their dreams.

I am lucky that I do not have to work a single day in my life and I am committed to sharing what I have learnt and gained to others.

All I want you to know is that

The only difference between you and me is that now you don’t have to make all these silly mistakes that I have made. You also do not have to spend hours and days trying to figure how to be profitable by yourself and best of all, you do not have to go through the stress of losing thousands of dollars and suffer all the heart pain that I (and many novice traders) did.

And I sincerely want to show you how.

So if you really want to make a consistent and profitable living through Forex trading, cut short your learning curve and navigate past avoidable costly mistakes, here goes!

There are 2 key components in my personal Momentum Star Trading System.

Introducing: Momentum Star Trading System

1. Trading Psychology

Trading Psychology

Through my years of learning from the best and studying how top traders trade, I have learnt that they all have 2 things in common. 

So what are the two things that is the same amongst the world’s top traders?'

The top traders employ very different trading and indicators but the two things that are crucial and common to their trading success is that of their:

Risk Management Abilities

Trading psychology is the mental and emotional part of trading and this dictates a trader’s decisions and actions.

This is in fact one of the most important factor in determining a trader’s success or failure in the trading process.

Greed, fear and regret are some of the more common emotions that play important roles in the trading process. The mastery of these emotions is the tipping point in making you a consistently profitable trader.

As a competitive swimmer and motivational speaker, I am able to incorporate Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques to control my emotions and ensure that I make the most out of my psychology rather than becoming a victim of it.

The mental resilience that I get from being an athlete helps me translate that discipline into trading as well.

In addition to the trading psychology, risk management is crucial. I Constantly Refine and Back test my system day and night (including weekends) to ensure that the level of risk taken is well managed. 

This allows me to have a Strong and Secure Safety Net to guard against the volatility of the forex market.  

In this session, I will be sharing more about the trading psychology and habits of the top 1% traders as well as their risk management guidelines that ensure they are consistently profitable.

“Being a finance student myself, I have always associated the perfect trading strategies with rigorous fundamental and technical analysis. However, Karen did a great job reminding me that a successful trading strategy entails much more than that. It was definitely a blessing to be able to learn Forex trading from her”

- Sean, Banking and Finance Graduate, NTU

2. Momentum Trading

I have tried and tested multiple trading systems and after much experimenting, the system which has proven the most consistent and successful for me is momentum trading.

In momentum trading, we focus on how the currency pairs that are showing a strong move in a particular direction, usually on high volume, within a specified time period.

The unique trading system I have created is called the Momentum Star System which is created by combining the essence of 3 other systems namely:

Momentum System 


The Adapted London Breakout System

Breakout Confirmation System 

Fundamental Analysis


- #1 in Singapore nationwide Forex trading competition 2015

- Top 10 out of 3000 traders from over 30 countries in FX street contest

- Top 25 in Asia 2 times in Forexball international trading championship

- Top 20 out of over 1800 traders from over 20 countries in 2016 trading contest

This Momentum Star System is also the same system that I used to top multiple trading competitions both regional and international.


The Momentum Star System

is captured using fundamental economic indicators such as GDP, inflation etc. 

captures of the momentum are through technical indicators such as the SMA, EMA etc.

My Live Results



Through this session, I will be sharing more about how to trade using my Momentum Star System that has brought me consistent results. 

I will also be going through the indicators that you need to know as well as how to make sense of economic indicators and use this knowledge to give you a further advantage in trading.

Keen to be an Intelligent & Profitable All-Round Trader? Learn More About My Trading Methods at This Free 3-Hour Introductory Seminar!

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

How to think like the top 10% of profitable traders

2 Trading Indicators that I use to help me top trading competitions and social trading platforms

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Top 3 reasons why 90% Forex traders fail and how to avoid them

A 4-step blueprint to becoming a massively successful Forex trader

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The reason why a high win rate will not make you a profitable trader

2 most common types of brutal trading behaviours that you should avoid

3 MOST PREDICTABLE currency pairs that you should trade

How to trade Forex only 30 minutes a day without spending the whole day researching the news

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With our free 2.5 hour seminar, you can master the secret to achieving a stable stream of passive income! 

I look forward to meeting you at my seminar!

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